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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  March 21, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a landslide in santa cruz county caught on camera. tonight about 25 homes are inaccessible. good evening i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. a home in the south side came down rushing today. the slide is along nelson road west of highway 17 in the
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community of scots valley. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is there right now with the latest report and the latest information. >> reporter: julie, i am on nelson road where you can see it stopped being a road as tons of mud, rocks and trees have slid down this hillside. we came this evening and found a resident that just happened to be taken video when one of the slides occurred. >> oh, no. oh my god we better move. >> scary, very scary. >> we thought the building was going to come down. >> the county employees and the two sheriffs all turned and ran down the street. >> reporter: ktvu showed the
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extent of the slide, about 200 feet wide. it happened this morning with just one tree and some mud coming down. but then it continued throughout the day. around 2:30, the bulk of the hill came down, effectively blocking the road. >> it was just trembling, rumbling just really deafening sound as the trees and the rocks just kept rolling and it was very scary. >> reporter: there is no way for residents to drive out. >> a sensed a power outage up here. i already had ice and my wood burning stove. >> you want to start laughing, what else can you do. it's massive. >> reporter: the fire department marked out a trail so that residents can walk in and out. there is a voluntary evacuation order. they are going to leave a slide
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alone for now and try to find what to reassess tomorrow. to the south a big sur and monterey county in oakland engineering firm is getting the nod to repair that crumbling section of highway 1. last week a 50-foot section of the roadway slid off the quake near hurricane point. south of caramel. effectively cuts off big sur. the firm conden and johnson is expected to begin work tomorrow. they hope to have that section of highway 1 reopen by mid- april. in marin county there is a scramble right now to figure out how to recover a number of boats that broke lose and went crashing into the bluff. >> reporter: behind me is one of 17 boats that broke lose.
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the harbor administrator says he posted this orange notice that says it is their responsibility to remove the boat. eight boats are still to thing the shoreline tonight severely damaged from this weekend's storm. but nine other boats have already been removed from the owners who were able to take advantage of high tide. >> it's amazing how much damage can happen so quickly. you have an appreciate for the power of the water especially in light of what happened over in japan. >> reporter: neighbors say every winter, storms cause a few vessels to break lose. but they say they've never seen so many adrift all at once. >> what makes you come out and look at them? >> it's just a spectacle. >> this one broke right here. >> reporter: we found boat owner gary thomas in salsalito. thomas says one of the eight morings holding his world war
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ii vote broke. >> every year, boats that are anchored out in this harbor, because it's a shallow harbor relatively, too much winds, older equipment and boats break free. >> reporter: the harbor administrator told us the cost of removing each of the remaining boats range from 1,500 to $3,000. he hopes to have all the boats removed by april 1st. reporting live in marin county, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. meantime, south of the bay area at the santa cruz harbor, crews pulled out four more boats following the japan quake. crews were out using sonar equipment to lose for any debris in the harbor. the tsunami surge cost an estimated $26 million in damage to the harbor and boats. on this first full day of spring, it looks still very much like the dead of winter in the high sierra. the latest storm dumped several feet of fresh snow in the
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mountains. they received 3 feet of new snow over a 24 hour period this weekend. mike desalle shows us how much snow he found in p placer county. >> reporter: to give you a perspective of how much snow there is. i am now on serene lake. you may see a fence right now, that's not the second -- that's not the fence to the house, that's the second floor. in arizona, federal judge today ordered the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage to undergo a mental evaluation as soon as possible. jered lee loughner is to be taken to a facility to
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determine if he is fit to stand trial. he is accused of shooting congresswoman giffords and 18 other people. and it has been more than # years since the home run record holder became the biggest star cut off in a balco scandal. rita williams was in court in san francisco today as the jury was selected. >> today may be the most important day barry bonds perjury trial here. picking the 12 jurors who will decide whether the home run king is guilty of one count of lying and one of obstruction of justice when he told a jury here that he unknowingly taking steroids. to help decide each side to kick off. here's a sample of answers perspective jurors wrote and spoke in court today. quote, don't they all take steroids and lie about it?
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it's a waste of government time. it's an unfair advantage to take drugs. and i think he was singled out because of his race. those people were all cut. then just before 3:00 this afternoon, the judge atphoupsed both sides had agreed on a jury. four men and eight women. two women are african american, the other jurors are white, there are two alternates -- announced both sides agreed to a jury. >> we look forward to presenting this case to them. >> reporter: and that finally will begin here tomorrow morning with each side expecting to take about an hour to lay out its case to the jury. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now, we have also learned that tomorrow during a lunch break without the jury in the courtroom, bonds childhood friend and former trainer greg anderson will appear before the judge. he is expected to say once again he won't testify and
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could be sent back to prison until the trial is over which is expected to take about a month. san jose police said today the teenager shot outside a mcdonalds restaurant last week has died. 18-year-old ruben cortez jr. was shot at close range on wednesday. shooting happened around noon at the mcdonalds on baskum and fruitvale avenue. they haven't released a description of the shooter. police say the shooting may be gang related. a san jose man avoided a possible death sentence by accepting a plea deal for murdering his girlfriend's son. corona tortured and killed 6- year-old oscar jimenez jr. in 2007. corona then drove to phoenix with the girl's mother and buried oscar's body. a new scandal is gathering
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now. the government is carrying a war -- in one photo a soldier is seen holding up the head of a dead afghan man. a second photo shows two bodies propped up. the two american soldiers are charged with murder and conspiracy. now with libya where for a fourth straight anytime, allied forces are conducting seize fire bombings. his malitias have set up roadblocks. the american policy is clear says president obama. >> it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. and we've got a wide range of
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tools in addition to our military efforts to support that policy. >> the u.s. general in charge of the assault insisted there is no attempt to provide cover for the rebels. four new york time journalists were freed today. the journalists were released into the custody of the turkish ambassador. the four said they were threatened with death when they were first captured. we're tracking a few showers, mainly in the south bay. but we have more significant rain headed your way. i'll tell you when that happens. more evidence of weather,
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new at 10:00, a vote in santa clara to start spending money on a new stadium for the
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49ers before the money disappears. ktvu's heather holmes has more on today's special meeting. where the city council decided the fate of billions of the dollars. >> reporter: hand off is what essentially the council told the state. their vote is on the one and only item on the agenda an agreement to spend $4 million of redevelopment money. money currently at risk under the governor's budget plan. it could be a game changer to build a new stadium for the 49ers. securing $4 million from the state. >> i understand his stakes in the situation to try to balance the budget. >> reporter: the council pushed to tie the millions of the redevelopment money to preconduction cost for the new stadium. >> you have to put in fire hydrants. >> improvements the mayor
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argues benefit the city. >> i'm afraid that we're making a decision that -- >> reporter: but tonight, some residents questioned the spending. >> the use it or lose it is just plain blarge. >> this is action we're taking on behalf of the citizens. >> reporter: santa clara joins many other bay area cities rushing to spend that redevelopment money before their redevelopment agents are gutted, the mayor was quick to point out those predevelopment projects will begin at that site immediately. reporting live, i'm heather holmes. governor jerry brown took his message back home from his budget deficit via you tube.
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he says that he is looking at cuts to avoid tougher choices. >> making the cuts are in the very fabric of our public service. >> republicans say they'd rather see cuts in social spending than taxes. in the latest ktvu field poll, the number has positive ratings from voters. 49% said they approved of the job he's doing. 21% disapprove and 31% had no idea. the republican does very well among democrats. a state legislature gets poor ratings. 70% said they disapprove: 16% approve. and 14% had no opinion. stocks moved slightly
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higher for a third consecutive day. the dow gamed 178 points and closed back above 12,000. the nasdaq was up 48. at&t has offered to buy team mobile before pushing prices higher. in fact, the merger goes through to make the nation the largest wireless provider. at&t says the deal will mean better service for consumers. one consumer expressed skepticism. >> how lonely will it be? right now i drop calls almost every time i make one. >> reporter: but at&t says it's too early to say whether the merger will mean savings. now to the crisis in japan. officials-- after two hours, the smoke cleared what caused the smoke if known wasn't revealed.
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thermal photography is also being used to reveal hot spots in the plant. plant workers faced other set backs today when they found out they needed coolants for some of the plants. iodine have levels above normal in the sea water near the fukoshima plant. national police estimated the final death toll will surpass 18,000. most of them will come from the area hardest hit. rebuilding is expected to cost $325 billion and could take up
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to five years. and a high school group was supposed to be in japan, instead they will hold a benefit concert to benefit japan. the money from this sunday's concert will go to its sister city. one of the first reports he heard out of japan indicated there were 100 bodies in a gymnasium. could a nuclear plant in san luis obispo county survive a tsunami like the one that
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happened in japan? >> reporter: retrofit work has been done. >> we're very proud of our operating history there. i believe we have large margins to safety. >> reporter: but despite pg & e statements, state senators didn't like what they heard today. the federal nuclear regulatory commission does not concern itself with seismic dangers. pg & e has not done the seismic studies requested by the state. sam lesley who represents that area of california is clearly unhappy with the utility's decision to go on with its licensing without the testing. >> do you see that there's not uncertainty. >> we look at what it is. >> pg & e still sees no concern about the uncertainty. >> no. >> you see uncertainty but you have no concern about it. >> no. >> regulators found that valves
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used with cooling water. ellen corbin isn't confident that the system is all it could be. >> there are back up systems in place. but as we see happening in japan are these systems going to be adequate. >> reporter: at this point the state's options may be few or nonexistent. senator blasely is looking hard for possibilities. john vacar, channel 2 news. and we're using live storm tracker to pinpoint some light showers out toward livermore right now. you can see there's not much out here. a few showers showing up outside town. a little further south. the computer model for tomorrow tees up some clouds. they're starting to increase, maybe a light sprinkle. this is your morning commute tomorrow, should be dry. as we go through the day you notice the clouds thicken up. we have drizzle reports and sprinkles throughout the coast.
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as we get into mid-afternoon, to view that area. five to 6:00 p.m. we have rain in the afternoon commute. this is the beginning of a system that rolls in and brings us a very wet day throughout wednesday as well. there's another one behind that. i'll show you the complete computer model that takes us through the week weekend. there's a lot of rain coming our way. national weather service meteorologist spent his night in colusia county looking at reports of
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almost four years after the
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brutal shooting of baley, the suspect is in court. >> reporter: this sketch shows andrew mackey and yusef bailey the fourth. that task ended with the jury of seven women and five men. one of each is black. >> i think we're relatively happy with the jury we got. >> reporter: melissa crumb who declined to speak with the media, on that day august 2nd, bay was head of the now defunct muslim bakery. a bakery handyman named bussard has pleaded guilty as the trigger man to two counts manslaughter and will be the star witness in this trial. >> he's lied before. he's lying again. he's completely inconsistent with his tale and i think the jury is going to see he's a
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liar. >> reporter: crumb says after instructing mackey and crumb they said, bailey needed to be stopped and he says, you can't miss. >> he admits that, he admits he killed two people in a cold- blooded fashion. then for a plea agreement he said, the devil made me do it. >> reporter: bailey's brother is hopeful. >> our hearts are heavy, it's not going to bring chauncey back but i believe that justice will be served. >> reporter: i'm john sasaki, -- ktvu news. the secretly taped jailhouse video that shows yusef bay talking in depth about the killing. the chinese government of interfering with it's g. mail
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service. google says some users in china have experienced troubles logging in or sending e-mail. the mountain view based company says it looked into the complaints and discovered the problem wasn't on its end it says the government is blocking users from accessing their accounts. twitter turned five years old today. the san francisco based company that is revolutionizing how people communicate online says users are sending about 140 million twitts every day. for its next five year, twitter is looking to grow. the 400 person company is looking for tax breaks to remain in san francisco. the latest number of jobs added and lost offer a mixed bag for northern california. silican valley added 265,000 jobs last year. that's the second highest after san diego. but the san francisco-oakland- fremont area lost 250,000 jobs. and the sacramento area had the
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biggest losses in the nation. and a dark day in oakland. what we learned about a gunman who killed four police officers. >> it was
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only on 2, it's been exactly six months since the opening of the bay area's first toll lane. and expressway stretching 14 miles between pleasantton and free hospital. f remont. it's supposed to reduce
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congestion >> we're right on track to be where we should be six months into the project. >> reporter: 7,500 vehicles use the new toll lane. their charge card account is charged as little as 30-cents during low peak times and as much as $7.50 during traffic hours. today it's brought in far short of expectation. >> they were higher when the construction started. but the economy in the middle of that process we reassessed the expectation. there's also a question about how much time expressway commuters are also saving. >> paying $5 to get to work five minutes quicker isn't in it for me. >> reporter: the toll man spokesman couldn't tell us how much time is saved by using the lane, but he did say 1,500 vehicles a day are using it and
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those vehicles never go slower than 50 miles per hour. >> they're taking 300 or 400 cars out of the purpose lane every rush hour. >> reporter: it costs $195 million for the toll lane. officials say when the economy recovers the toll should bring in four to $5 million a year. >> to me sounds like a very poor return on investment. >> reporter: caltrans is plans more toll lanes in the south bay. next in line is highway 237 and interstate 880. price tag to convert 6 miles of car pool lanes into toll lanes is $11 million. the largest health plan in california, anthem blue cross says it will delay cuts it planned for next month. the increases are now set to increase in july. at that time, increases and deductibles and copayments won't take effect until next
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january. the american academy of pediatrics is now recommending babies ride in rear facing car seats until they are 2 years old. the academy said new evidence shows 75% of those under two are less likely to be severely injured in a crash if they're in rear facing seats. the academy also said children should use booster seats until they are 4'9" tall, a height most children don't reach until they are between eight and 12 years old. children under 13 should not ride in the front seat. a san francisco priest is on leave tonight as a catholic archdiocese investigating an incident from 31 years ago. father daniel kehane is accused of sexually abusing a 17-year- old girl when he was assigned to san francisco church of the
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ephiphany. instead, the archdiocese found the file when he asked for a pay increase. >> it was simply in the file that had gone back 31 years. >> reporter: kehane who is now the associate pastor at st. cecilia church is denying the accusations. san francisco police hope someone will recognize a man on a surveillance video they released today. he did some damage and stole a musical keyboard. church elders say they think he may have been after sunday's collection plate. it is a day many in the bay area will never forget. it was two years ago today, four oakland police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty. the autopsy report on the gunman mixon finally came out today. ktvu's eric rasmussen shows us
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the new details it contains as well as how the officers are being remembered. >> reporter: officers close to the case told ktvu news, that mixon wasn't going to be taken alive. >> officer down, officer down. >> reporter: the day he killed two officers during a traffic stop in east oakland and two more from a s.w.a.t. team that cornered him. now an autopsy report reveal mixon's decision that is day were not clouded by alcohol or drugs. he was wearing two pairs of pants and two wears of sox. a possible quick change for a man on the run who was just linked to a rape a day before the shoot out. >> he was a rapist, a violent criminal, he had no regard for life. >> reporter: on the two year anniversary of their death, fellow officers and marines came together at this popular police hang out to honor sergeants romans and sikai along with hege and dunacan.
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a four mile run in these t- shirts raised money on their honor. >> this is to let them know that we never forget. >> reporter: neighbors and business owners where the shootings happened say the memories are still painful. >> very scary, very emotional, but it was, it was like a really dark day that day. >> reporter: oakland police did not want to talk to us all about all this on camera but they did tell us they observed a moment of silence during their afternoon briefing. san francisco mayoral candidates made their best pitch to the city's chinese american community this evening. the organization chinese for action held the event. some spoke in chinese, candidates chu, her era, pang, and hall all attended. firefighters are called on not to put out a fire but to
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chase down a bad guy tonight in sonoma. why they were pressed into duty. and i'm back here less than ten minutes with the latest computer model that shows a very wet 48 hour period coming up.
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[ominous music playing girl whispering: the's a monster in my bathtub. [whisperin there's one on the couch. boy whispering: there's a monster on my bed. announcer: keep innocent things from triggering an asthma attack. please make the monsters go away. announcer: learn how to stop their asthma attacks at firefighters, highway patrol officers and sheriff's deputies work together tonight to catch a suspected hit and run driver who led police on a short chase. a man driving a chevy truck hit a car waiting at a red light
12:10 am
right where fire crews were working. firefighters say the driver hit a tree and sign postbefore getting out of the car and taking off. police and chp officers caught him several minutes later. the driver is now facing numerous charges tonight. workers at berkeley specifics steel casting plant are on strike tonight. prothe testing against a proposed labor contract. according to a representative for the glass molders and pottery union, the proposal asked workers to pay 10% of their current wages for health coverage. workers currently do not pay for health care but pay for doctor's visits and prescriptions. no one was available from pacific steel casting this evening to speak to ktvu. the latest round in the pat -l between the national football league and the players is now before a federal judge in minneapolis. the nfl today asked the judge to keep their lock out of players in place until the
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national labor relations board issues a ruling. anlb has been asked if the recertification is a sham. in news of the world tonight, in yemen the opposition gained important support today. when a top military commander and 18 other senior officers defected to their side. after today's defections elite forces led by the son of president took up positions around the capital. the violence have escalated since forces killed 1,800 people last thursday. and for the start of the new year, there were fears that the taliban might use public celebrations for the holiday to stage attacks in the capital. the afghan vice president called on militants to lay down their weapons saying, the country will never return to hard line taliban rule. and in italy, san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi was briefly hospitalized today in rome after feeling sick. the democratic leader arrived in italy this morning after a
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visit to afghanistan yesterday. by this evening, she felt well enough to attend a reception at the american ambassadors redense in rome. a texas man is recovering tonight after he became the first person in the u.s. to get a full face transplant. 25-year-old dallas weenes under went a surgery. weenes face was severely disfigured on the job a year ago when a power line poll sered off his face. doctors removed his nose, facial skin, muscles and nerves. weenes has no insurance at the time of the incident. but he was able to qualify for the transplant procedure under his father's health care plan
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bg & e is asking for more time. the utility has already turned over thousands and thousands of documents to the california public utilities commission. and it says some documents won't be ready until the end of the year. the commission is threatening to fine pg & e up to a million dollars a day. all roads in the yosemite national park are closed tonight and will remain so until at least tomorrow morning. that's when crews will check conditions. robert handa shows us the aftermath of this weekend's
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stormy weather. >> reporter: yosemite national park came to see this, but saw this instead. clean up crews are trying to clean up with fallen trees, rock collides and mud slides. it may not end soon. we saw numerous waterfalls from highly saturated soil. tourists got escorted out all day. >> it got to the point that we couldn't see when we went to leave the park. >> everybody was not careful. they were just going off the side of the road. it was unbelievable. i have never seen yosemite like that. >> reporter: some people with big plans didn't make it in. >> we're celebrating our anniversary.
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we came for a weekend of camping. >> about 20 minutes from the gate they closed it off. highway 140 could reopen tomorrow, but what happens with highways 120 and 41 will depend entirely on nature. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the wet weather is not only causing problems in the mountains, but in the bay area as well. the grapevine situation of interstate 5 reopened early today. cold conditions made it too ice sáeu for drivers. hundreds were stranded while they waited for caltrans to open the roadway and ended up sleeping in the car. contra costa community college in san pablo is scheduled to reopen tomorrow
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after being closed since last thursday. a power outage forced the school to cancel classes. at first the school thought it was a pg & e problem. but today crews found out equipment belonging to the school were broken. and some widely scattered showers out there tonight. not a big deal. we'll go to live storm tracker 2. we'll put it into motion. you will just see a few pop up showers. over the last couple of hour, that's not compared to what's coming. wednesday and thursday, wet weather headed our way. overnight lows tonight will be a little cool. 37 in santa rosa. 37 in napa. could see a little patchy fog as well. the big story here will be increasing clouds tomorrow night into tomorrow. those increasing clouds will lead to showers just in time for some of us for the afternoon commute. that's the system i'm tracking right there. doesn't look that well put together. but it is getting its act
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together. you see the energy behind that. here's the next system. does look good. could produce an inch or more of rain. your morning commute dry, for the most part. there might be a sprinkle but basically dry compared to what we've seen. the front moves in on wednesday afternoon and it starts to rain throughout much of the north bay and the central bay. and then it hangs on right into thursday. a little into friday as well. here's how the long range computer model sees it. 7:00p.m. tomorrow, here come the showers. that afternoon commute could easily have showers. midnight rain, slow in the mountains. there's your morning commute on wednesday. more showers, and as we get into wednesday afternoon's commute. more showers, and here comes the big one. it's due on thursday. thursday morning you will start to notice the heavy rain in the north bay. then it goes on all day as we head into your thursday. there'll be wind with it. you can almost see the
12:20 am
intensity increase with the yellow contours here representing probably heavy rainfall. showers all day wednesday. thursdays we get into it. so it's definitely going to be an interesting 48 hour period. 55 in vallejo. 56 in antioch, this weather pattern will impact your computes tomorrow morning is fine. but after that, the commutes are going to be in a bit of a jeopardy. be prepared for what could go on up around the mountains as we've seen this year just an amazing nearly record snowfall. they could get another three or 4 feet by the time we get to saturday and sunday. >> we know what it's like to live in seattle now. >> this is actually more rain than they're getting. california woman received
12:21 am
special honors today. each honoree were escorted into the chamber. they were singed out for their work in the community. whether it was in the local or global level. the awards began back in 1987. environmentists are claiming victory tonight after the u.s. fish and wildlife service announced it plans to double the amount of restricted. the
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rosanne cash took her husband and guitar to fulsome prison. it was years ago that her father, johnny cash rerecorded
12:25 am
one of his most famous songs, the fulsome prison blues. she felt like she had completed a circle. the bay area has been bleak in the men's side. i will give you a little example, a little nugget that represents the stanford women's program. five of the their seniors are going to complete their career never having lost a single game at home. and second round of the ncaa let the fun begin. meca agumacke two of her 22. and she has a sister, chimi adding 13 points. the steel and converge there. kayla peterson roaming the outside with a three. she had 14 the cardinal cruised
12:26 am
75-45. sweet 16 for the 18th time. and they will play next saturday in spokane. under the category of why even bother. the warriors losing for the 25th consecutive time to the spurs in san antonio. not that it's anybody's favorite spot to play. quickly, bummer for san antonio. tim duncan down with a sprained ankle. they move on. udo of the golden state. that is the fifth straight loss for the warriors. and skating that fine line, you want to stay aggressive but you have to stay healthy. you don't need any key components going down with injuries this close to the play
12:27 am
offs. san jose does welcome back to the ice heatley. a huge scare the other night sensational rookie. logan couture down hard. team's second biggest scorer had to be helped from the ice. but the injury fortunately for the sharks, apparently not as bad as first feared. >> i tried to stop, i don't know if anybody even touched me. the way my leg went in. it didn't feel very good. i was trying to get up but i couldn't. the ref came and said stay down. there wasn't much feeling on any leg. as soon as i came out of the ice i felt better. i spent a few days off the ice and et wasn't any fun. i want to be in the ice. and bad weather even in the
12:28 am
cactus league. that's the sports life for a monday night. >> mark, thank you. the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. they'll have the very latest
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